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How To Get Your First Referral And Earn £££ 

In Minutes.

Thanks again for joining the Print Chimp partner program, we really appreciate you wanting to work with us.

Let's get you started  with your first referral  by following the 5 quick and easy steps below.

Step 1: Download The App (Optional)

Keeping track of all your referrals, earnings and payouts is even easier if you download our FREE mobile app.

Here you can access your "Print Chimp Partner Program" account from your phone making it faster and easier to keep track of everything.

To Download For iPhone - Click Here

To Download For Android - Click Here

Step 2: Message 1 Person (or as many as you like)

So now that you are all setup, you want to get your first referral, right? 

The next step is letting people know about Print Chimp and the 10% they can get off their first order.

Think of Family, Friends or Colleagues who have personalised clothing for their business. 

Do you know any:

• Plumbers  • Electricians • Builders • Plasterers • Painters • Mechanics 

• Carpenters  • Gardeners • Floorers • Joiners etc?

Message at least one of them by Text, Email, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram or whichever platform you prefer giving them your unique discount code or link.

Example Message You Can Use: 

Hi {insert name} if you need any personalised clothing I have just started working with a company called Print Chimp and as a friend you can get 10% off your first order with this code/link: {insert code or link}

Step 3: Order Free Referral Cards & Stickers

Get your referral code printed onto our referral cards and stickers to give out as you please.

Free Cards, Free Stickers & Free Delivery

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Step 4: Share On Instagram Stories

Instagram stories has huge reach in 2020 compared to normal instagram posts and facebook posts which makes it perfect for promoting your referral code to followers.

1. Save the the 10% off graphic.

2. Upload to your Instagram story overlaying your unique code & tagging @PrintChimp

*Don't forget to add your code to the graphic in stories.

Step 5: Word Of Mouth & Persistence

In this modern age word of mouth is still so powerful. Continue to tell Family, Friends & Colleagues about us and ideally give them your "Referral Cards & Stickers"

Be Patient: Studies have shown that at any one time only 3-5 % of people or companies are looking to buy a specific product or service. So if you ask 100 people if they need uniform at that current moment only 3-5 will actually be looking to buy right now. But in 3 to 6 months time, it may be the right time for others which is why persistence is important to get the most from your referrals.

If somebody isn't looking to buy right now that doesn't mean you shouldn't ask again.