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Print Process

So if you haven't purchased personalised clothing before you might be wondering what it is and how it is done. Even if you have purchased personalised clothing in the past I'm going to tell you about it anyway. There are several methods for print personalisation but the main 3 we use at Print Chimp are Vinyl Printing, Colour Transfer & Screen Printing.

Vinyl Printing:

With vinyl print your logo is printed on a vinyl cutter before being weeded out and heat pressed on to the garment. It all starts with your logo being converted into vector format and then run through a specialist software.

Perfect for smaller orders of 1 - 20 as setup is fairly quick and easy.




Colour Transfer:

Colour transfer is perfect for multi colour logos and images. All artwork is first prepared using graphic design software before being transferred to a Rip program. Your artwork is then printed on to a specialist clothing vinyl and heat pressed onto the garment.

Makes multi colour logos and images easy to reproduce.



Screen Printing:

Screen printing also known as silk screen is an interesting process. Artwork is prepared on a computer before being printed on to a transparent negative, the image is then exposed on to a silk screen using a powerful light exposure unit. There is a few more steps of preparation before ink is spread on to the silk screen with the garment below it. The ink passes through the screens mesh leaving the artwork on the garment.

Screen printing is ideal for larger quantity orders only as the setup time and cost is substantially more than other print methods.