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8 Ways Personalised Clothing Can Improve Your Business

8 Ways Personalised Clothing Can Improve Your Business

8 Ways Personalised Clothing Can Improve Your Business

8 Ways Personalised Clothing Can Improve Your Business.


Not a fan of reading? Download our infographic "8 Benefits Of Personalised Clothing For Your Business" for a quick overview of our survey


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So you are thinking about personalised clothing for your business? Or maybe you already have some but are considering if it is worth the reinvestment? Well, we surveyed a bunch of customers to find out not only why they bought branded workwear but also the benefits it had brought them. We have also included information from surveys from a customer perspective. 


1. Creates a Professional Trustworthy Image:  

As the saying goes, “Image is everything”. Having a professional uniform can immediately establish a professional trustworthy business image that attracts and helps to retain customers. Our clients felt that with their branded clothing clients were much more trusting of them compared to when they wore plain clothing. This was especially true for call out men such as Plumbers, Electricians, Builders etc who go out to peoples homes.


Mind Game Time: Imagine this scenario. You need some work doing on your home so you call out two companies to offer quotes.

Company one: Their employee turns up wearing a tracksuit covered in work-related mess. He goes over your home and hands you a quote on a scrap piece of paper.

Company Two: Their employee turns up wearing a smart polo shirt with embroidered logo on the left breast and branded work trousers. On the sleeve of their polo is the logo of a recognised industry body along with their registered number. They hand you a quote on a printed letter head with matching business card.

Who would you trust more? I know who I am giving the job to.


2. Gives a Good First Impression:

A Harvard study found that it takes a person 4 seconds to make a judgment about another person. Company clothing can ensure customers first impressions are that of a professional company. Branded clothing looks professional and helps customers feel relaxed that they are working with a professional company.


3. Offers Free Advertising:

Over 85% of our clients said the free advertising aspect of company clothing was one of their biggest reasons for buying. It was also a common theme that whilst out shopping or getting lunch many have been asked for a business card after a potential customer seen their company logo on the back of clothing.

I have experienced this personally not long ago. We got all new staff uniforms at Print Chimp and the first day whilst on my lunch break I called into a well known Mobile Phone shop and happened to speak to a regional manager who noticed our logo. We ended up with an order later that afternoon which paid for our uniforms x8 over.


4. Builds a Team Spirit:

Our favourite acronym for team is “Together Everyone Achieves More”. Company clothing can build team spirit and togetherness of everyone being in it together. This, in turn, can improve worker productivity. 



5. Improves Customer Service:

Uniforms help customers to identify company workers who can be approached for information. This makes for a more helpful service and more satisfied customers.


6. Builds Brand Recognition:

When employees wear uniforms displaying company logos and colours, people are seeing them no matter where they go. This helps people to remember your company when they require a service. Regardless if your business is just you or 50+ employees we all have a brand if we own a business. Far too many small businesses don't see this but trust me you have to at least do the basics which include keeping things colour coded and consistent. Your Clothing, Business Cards, Social Medias, Website etc should all look consistent to build the feeling of familiarity. As complex human beings, we don't like unfamiliar odd looking things.


7. Saves Employees Money:

Over 50% of our clients said their employees were really pleased to receive their branded uniforms. Not only does it save them money of buying the workwear themselves but many expressed the gratitude of what felt like a gift from their employers. 


8. Provides Company Pride: 

If you have a good business and you and your employees enjoy what they are doing then company clothing is a way to install more company pride. Employees want to wear it to show who they work for and let people know exactly what they do.


We found from working with our clients daily that most if not all 8 above are the reasons and the benefits they buy personalised company clothing. It doesn't even have to be expensive. We can get you started with something as basic as one T-shirt starting from £2.80 with no minimum order.


Hopefully, this post was informative and has given you some insight on how branded clothing can help your business. Comment below and let me know your thoughts and if you think it could help others then please share it.

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